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NW Area Contingency Plan

posted Feb 26, 2014, 4:19 PM by Skip Lahti   [ updated Feb 26, 2014, 4:20 PM ]
Here is an interesting excerpt from the EPA's NW Area Contingency Plan:

Northwest Area Contingency Plan 
4000. Planning 
Change 15 
January 1, 2014 4000-14 
4321 Oregon Compliance Guidance 
Under Oregon state law, for all oil spills to water or reportable quantities of 
hazardous substances, the responsible party is required to immediately notify the 
Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) and the National Response Center. 
(See the plan preface for notification numbers.) The responsible party is also 
encouraged to notify local response agencies through the 911 system. 
Any person owning or having control over any oil or hazardous material spilled or 
released or threatening to spill or release is strictly liable without regard to fault. 
Any person, who fails to clean up oil or hazardous materials immediately, when 
under obligation to do so, is responsible for the expenses incurred by DEQ in 
carrying out the cleanup project. Any person who does not make a good faith 
effort to carry out a cleanup project is liable to the DEQ for damages not to 
exceed three times the amount of expenses incurred by DEQ. 
If a spiller is unknown, fails to respond, or the response is considered inadequate, 
the DEQ may exercise the authority to take over the response or contract for the 
cleanup of the spill or release. The DEQ may recover the costs of the cleanup 
(ORS 466.645).