Our Purpose (Mission)

Our purpose is to provide a cohesive vision for the revitalization of downtown Rainier.  There are many players with various interests in upcoming projects in Rainier and its surrounding communities.  It is our intention to create a coordinated plan to accomplish the long range vision while meeting the immediate needs of the city and accommodating our neighboring cities along the Hwy 30 corridor.

We envision a welcoming city with

  • An improved connection between downtown Rainier and the riverfront.
  • A riverfront used as the focus of development and attract additional retail, office, and recreation to the area.
  • Pedestrian only walk streets full of boutique shops and eating establishments.
  • An active nightlife.
  • Daytime cultural activities.
  • A fully protected marina with refueling and accommodation services.
  • A fully developed park-like riverfront with shops and restaurants facing the river.
  • A beautiful main street (Hwy 30) that invites visitors to pull off and enjoy our many establishments.
  • An alternative fueling station for hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.
  • Additional short and long-term housing.
  • Interconnected parks and recreation (i.e.: the City park, Fox Creek area, and new waterfront)

Artist rendition from plans submitted in 2000


Currently, Rainier is, for the most part, a "drive through" city. Yes, the taverns and restaurants do enjoy some traffic from neighboring communities, but this seems to be diminishing as local businesses struggle to survive. We do have a carnival and a parade that attracts thousands of people three days out of each year, but other than a car show and a few minor events, Rainier has no other cultural activities for the rest of the year like Clatskanie's Bluegrass Festival, and Arts Festival; St. Helen's 13 Nights on the River, Rodeo and Airshow; Longview's many fourth of July activities like the cardboard boat race and Timber Festival and many others.  Let's leverage the incredible success of Rainier Days and bring visitors to musical and cultural events throughout the year.

Our store fronts and buildings are in a sad state of disrepair with no cohesive design.  Our central business district is a hodge-podge of mixed, unrelated businesses.  There is little "curbside appeal" to Rainier's downtown area. Our primary roadways in the central business district are neglected and also in a sad state of disrepair.  Look up and you see a spider web of power and communication wires.  Our underground utilities such as water and sewer are ancient and must be upgraded.

And then we have the upcoming issue of increased rail traffic threatening to disrupt our already struggling community.

Rainier has an opportunity to recreate itself by using what it already has - the mighty Columbia River and the railway.  There are many examples of communities doing just this sort of thing, such as Corvallis, McMinnville, Alberta Street (Portland), NW 23 and 25th (Portland), and Leavenworth, WA.  Leavenworth was dying on the vine, so the citizens got together and created a whole new town which is now a huge tourist attraction.With the location that Rainier has we could easily attract people from all over the state (Oregon AND Washington) if we work together to create a vision - something special everyone can look forward to.  Rainier can become a destination for travelers and prospective residents alike.  And, it would be easier to encourage the new businesses we long for like grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.


Required Projects