All About Us

This group of business owners and operators along the "A" street corridor desire to revitalize the area as well as the rest of the City of Rainier proper. We are well aware of the coming changes due to railway traffic and other nearby economic development plans and we wish to cooperate and coordinate with all entities involved.

We have met with representatives of the Genesee Wyoming, Inc., The Port Commission, Department of Transportation, Columbia County Economic Development Team, Office of the Governor, State Senator Betsy Johnson, Columbia County Commissioner's Office, and other business leaders and local citizens of the area. We will continue to share our ideas with the community and local organizations, get their input and ideas, and integrate into an overall, long range plan by and for the community and citizens of Rainier.

We propose a vision for the City of Rainier that includes long range planning and development as well as near term projects and issue mitigation. We invite all stakeholders and interested parties to consider these ideas in their decision making and financial planning as well.